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Paperlet is a turnkey software solution that enables accelerated, creative learning in the classroom.

Paperlet allows students to create fictional (stories, creative writing assignments, etc.) and nonfictional material (research papers, essays, etc.), share their work with fellow students and instructors, incorporate multimedia, and then easily allow administrators to develop new curricula.

Our modules follow common core standards at the federal level; we are customizing these modules for learning standards at the state and district levels.

  • Software designed for college, career, and post-secondary readiness;
  • Student/teacher progress and goal-achieving metrics;
  • Analytics to measure creativity and develop benchmarks for growth;
  • Safe community for students to share ideas while protecting their privacy and identities.

Here's an example of our recent deployment at New Milford High School:

We are looking for key partners to advance digital literacy in unprecedented ways. Contact us at marketing[at] to get further information on how to set up your own private school library in which content is created by the students, for the students!